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About Me.

I am passionate about creating an immersive world with audio. I love being able to design sound that supports my team’s vision and delivers satisfying interactive experiences. Being goal-oriented and self-driven, I stay organized and hold myself accountable for my learning journey. I care deeply about collaborating with others, and is thoughtful and intentional about my communication and actions.



DigiPen Institute of Technology

Undergraduate in the Bachelor of Arts in Music and Sound Design Program. Collaborated and designed bespoke SFX and original music compositions for game projects and graduate projects including "Little Lamplight" and "Krystal".

2015 - 2019

Private Music Instructor

Providing custom piano lesson plans matching individual learners' interests & pace for the best learning experience. I take an encouraging and positive approach in private lessons for a diverse range of learners, including ensuring a safe and fun space for learners with special needs. I also organized yearly music recitals for students to create performance and peer learning opportunities. Over the years, I maintained a 100% passing rate for all my students’ examinations.


Yamaha Music Asia, Singapore

Instructed students in Electronic Organ at various grade levels, from music appreciation to advanced level. I developed efficient time management skills in conducting group lessons for groups of up to 12 students. By creating a fun and constructive classroom environment, I encourage peer support learning and maintain positive relationships with students and parents and a high retention rate of students through the years.


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